A run around the city walls is a distance of five kilometers. A shorter running path is the nearby city park – from the hotel to the park and two rounds in the park take approximately 30 minutes.

Within five “jogging” minutes lies the Wiesen area, which opens up to the Woehrder Meadow in the direction of the Woehrder Lake. Run to the train bridge, then cross it. Running back on the other side completes a tour which totals about 45-50 minutes.

Need more distance?

After the train bridge begins the water preserve. Run along the Pegnitz, going left or right and crossing the various bridges, until you reach the ruins of the moated castled Oberbuerg. Or perhaps further, on to the oldest industrial district in Germany, aptly named “Hammer.”

Need even more distance?

There is infinite possibility to the running paths here…


Health Clubs in our Vicinity

By Bycicle:

We are currently able to provide you with two complimentary bicycles by which to explore the city.